Sleep Better & Protect Your Eyes From Permanent Digital Damage With NoBlu - India's First Lab Certified 100% Blue Blocking Glasses

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This will only take 3 mins of your time to read...

But it will help you sleep better, feel happier and protect your eyes for the rest of your life! Feels too good to be true? Well, let's figure that out together.

I want you to read through these points and see if there's anything you can relate to....

- Do you wish you could sleep longer?

- Do you trouble falling asleep?

- Do your eyes burn when after spending a few hours in front of a screen?

- Do you use your phone for a long time between going to bed & falling asleep?

- Do you get stressed & strained by the end of the day?

- Do you have trouble waking up early?

- Do your eyes hurt when driving after sunset?

- Does darkness make you impatient?

- Do you forget to close your eyes for a long time, subconsciously while watching a screen?

- Do you have weight issues?

-Do you have gastric issues, like indigestion & gas?

So, is there a statement that you could relate to? If yes, would you laugh if I told you that all that's directly in most cases related to the blue light from digital screens that you force feed your eyes every day. No, I am not kidding, it's been scientifically and medically proven by renowned institutes of research like the National Institute of Health, American Optometric Association & John Caroll (Research) University that blue light related eye strain and the subsequent irregular sleep patterns do irreparable damage to your body and mind.

Modern life and digital times. If we could, smile, blush or cry at a smiley message - it isn't impossible if you can think through, that blue light from that screen you are reading from right now can mess up your mood, mind and body. So now let's get to the point.

How Long Did You Sleep Last Night?

Not enough. Research shows that around the world, men and women between the ages 16- 50 report less sleep than the recommended 8 hours. The numbers just confirm what you already know, you always wake up sleepy, only half motivated to begin your morning.

Your brain is pushing you but your body isn’t ready for a new day. You act out; spend too much time thinking over your morning coffee, get late to work and your mood worsens by every agonising minute in traffic. As much as you blame dull and debilitating mornings on your job, your boss, the system or the mere lack of inspiration- most of it has got to do with - sleep.

How Lack Of Good Sleep Will Be Your Biggest Medical & Psychological Risk  

While there are many factors that govern your sleeping habits, there are only a few you can control. The most deceitful and toxic one being - your screen habit; not just your phone, any electronic device that you spend too much time on- laptops, tabs and televisions too.

According to research done by John Caroll University and the IOVS Journal - 60% of people spend a "minimum" of 6 hours in front of a screen. I do 10 hours of screen time every day - sad, but it is what we do to survive in a world that thrives ONLINE.

Almost everything has something to do with a device that has a screen on it. Your work, your music, your cabs. Everything. At this point, it’s not just impossible but highly impractical to curb usage of electronics let alone quitting them. Especially if it’s a crucial part of your job. 

But quoting research from IVOS and American Optometric Association on Melatonin (an important hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle), here are some of the most certain things that will happen when you are over exposed to blue light:

- Tiredness & Lack of Energy, when was the last time you were energetic after sitting at office all day? 

- Loss of Memory, do you keep forgetting things - your car keys to bank pins? It could really get worse over time due to lack of sleep

-  Irritability & Lack of Patience, do you hate the feeling of being irritated yet cannot stop it?

- Reduced Vision, Migraine & Neck Pain, these aren't common everyday problems, these are directly related to lack of sleep from digital eye strain

- Lowered Sexual Drive, well you know  how it is after a long day at work - but here's the catch, it isn't your work but the blue light that's got you tired

- Lowered Concentration, is directly because your eyes and your brain are stressed out due to lack of sleep

- Reduced Immunity Levels, is also a directly relatable occurrence

- Regular Indigestion, isn't it funny that the screen can cause so much pain but yes it can

- Dehydration, that feeling of unending thirst when you're in front of your computer all day - that's bad for your body 

- Depression, this is almost a hidden factor as most people do not even realize though this is again a factor that is almost naturally bound to happen due to melatonin disturbances

- A Greater Chance Of Cancer

I always had the same reaction to these warnings.

I DIDN’T CARE and I was very wrong.

The Biggest Reason You Don’t Care About Less Sleep

NoBlu Comes With Skin-Safe Anti-Bacterial Plastics & An Eco-Friendly Carry Care

It’s not your priority. Something else is always more important than getting those extra hours in. I made a list of the things I care about MORE than my sleep.

Making more money

Having an exciting and interesting lifestyle

Being savvy, up to date with news, movies, shows and music.

Emotional events- Positive and Negative

Social Media… 

Everything that care about is usually bound by urgency. No wonder a distant threat of a prematurely ageing, debilitating body may seem LESS IMPORTANT however serious the implications may be.

Surprisingly, one event in my life made sleep my no.1 priority.

Why I Began To Care About Sleep

Too much screen time made me sick and angry at everyone. I constantly had strained vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes, headaches or/and neck and back pain after spending long hours in front of the screen. The doctor told me that this is called the Digital Eyestrain Syndrome. It didn't just affect my system and weaken my body - it was actually harming me in more ways than I could imagine. What’s worse I didn’t give myself any recovery time before I got back to my phone or laptop.

Another consequence was a permanent feeling of irritability and fatigue that made me snap at everyone who tried to ask me to spend less time online and sleep more. Along with the fact that I was slowly but surely killing myself with odd and all day long screen times, I was also snapping at people and ruining relationships with people who cared about me. It was a mix of depression, ill-health and a complete lack of concentration and patience. The doctor gave me medicine for all that, but pointed it out to one factor, one constant that is a modern reality - digital blue light. 

So I started with reading about Blue Light Exposure, and I want you to know what it is so that you will not make the same mistake that I've done.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is the visible part of the light spectrum. In the light that travels from the sun into our atmosphere, they are the ones that are high energy with shorter wavelengths causing a lot of strain to your eyes. Blue light is everywhere, it’s the reason the sky appears blue. Why are we talking about it? 

It’s not just the sun but all our sources of artificial lighting- TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting emanate blue light.

Is It Good For Your Sleep Or Bad?


Natural Blue light is necessary for your body to stay alert, regulate the body’s sleep and wake cycles and improving cognitive function. Artificial Blue light, however, disrupts your natural sleep cycle, gives you Digital Eyestrain Syndrome, increases risks of certain types of cancers, may lead to diabetes and obesity and may cause permanent damage to your vision.

It has been proven that blue light suppresses melatonin- the hormone that regulates sleep. Your body can’t tell the difference between natural and artificial blue light. 

So when you’re up late at night checking your Facebook or late night news, your system is on high alert; it thinks the Sun is still out, it keeps you awake and focused. This suppresses the secretion of melatonin, giving you a disturbed, light sleep. It may even increase Cortisol- your stress hormone because you brain is tired and drained. Your body refuses to stop and rest because it is unable to comprehend whether it’s time for you to sleep or not!

All of this lack of deep sleep is what is bringing your body and your mood down. And also there is this-

“ From Harvard Medical School:

Study after study has linked working the night shift and exposure to light at night to several types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. It’s not exactly clear why nighttime light exposure seems to be so bad for us. But we do know that exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms, and there’s some experimental evidence (it’s very preliminary) that lower melatonin levels might explain the association with cancer. (3) "

So did I give up on all my screen time? We already spoke about this. I CANNOT.

Fortunately, You Can Block Out Blue Light With Orange Glasses!

Blue Light Blocking Technology has been a rage in the West and rightfully so. NoBlu has been trusted by techies all over the world and loved by celebrities too. With years of success and experience in eye care technology - NoBlu is launching its best-seller unisex glasses in India now.

Here’s what Blue light blocking glasses can give you:

  • Improved Memory, Focus and Cognitive Function
  • Improved productivity
  • Prevention of long-term eye damage or retinal degeneration
  • A longer and healthier life
  • Keeps depression at bay
  • Encourages creativity
  • Maintains a healthy weight

Additionally, here are all the big reasons why Noblu is important, reliable and durable.

What Makes NoBlu So Special & Life-Enhancing? 

Revolutionary Blue Light Blocking Technology

Blocks 100% of blue light

They block out the blue light that tricks your body into thinking it’s not the time for you to sleep yet. This increases fatigue, stress and muscle strain that can spiral into severe health conditions in the long term. Fortunately, we have blue light blocking technology that shields your eyes from blue light at night, helping you sleep 2x better feeling well rested and refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

NoBlu Focusing Power

Cuts the strain of near distance viewing

NoBlu’s focusing power drastically reduces the strain of close distance viewing of screens for extended durations reducing the workload of the ciliary muscles of the eye further preventing stress and stress related symptoms.


Reduces strain caused by direct eye exposure to a light source

The anti-reflection coating is microscopically thin layer placed on both the front and the back of your lenses to completely prevent light from bouncing off them. By cutting out reflection it makes your vision crystal clear.


Reduces visual noise that confuses the eye

Your No blu lenses come with an anti glare & anti flicker coating that aligns scattered reflection. It is extremely important for gaming and even as a bonus benefit- while driving as it eliminates glare improving your night vision on road and especially helpful in avoiding being blinded by oncoming traffic on dark or busy roads.


100% Sunblock for your eyes

The lenses in your No Blu glasses are UV treated to protect your retina from direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays. A special dye is used to treat the lenses for guard your eyes from the long term effects of UV rays exposure.


To preserve the quality of lenses for a longer time

An anti-scratch coating on both sides of the lenses ensure that the lenses stay scratch resistant and crystal clear even if you happen to drop your glasses on the floor or if it tosses around in your bag.


Helps ease eye sensitivity to light fluctuation or modulation

The lenses dampen the flicker caused by screens when brightness is adjusted or modulated. While some may not notice it, some are extremely sensitive to it experiencing discomfort even after they look away from the screen. The anti-flicker coating on the glasses helps reduce that strain making it most beneficial to use while watching Tv, gaming or working on your Tablets, PCs or laptops.

CR39 Lenses

Premium Quality- Shatter Resistant

These lenses are lightweight and more impact and shatter resistant compared to glass lenses. They also last for a really long time with consistent optical quality.

Acetate Frames

Stylish, Ergonomic Design Suits Any Face Shape

These are sturdy but flexible making it very moldable to ergonomic design. Results- sleek, wearable and fashionable eyewear. At first I was expecting a bulky pair of lab goggles, given its serious purpose of protecting your eyes. I was so wrong; Noblus have a beautiful design that is not just comfortable but also looks great regardless of your face shape.

Flexi-Fit Design

Fits Comfortable On All Face Types

NoBlu comes with a flexi-fit design technology that makes it a perfect fit whatever the shape of your face is. It has a global unisex design that makes you look smarter while you protect your eyes

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NoBlu Is The Solution For Your Disturbed Sleep Patterns, Bad Mood, Stress & Related Health Issues

Sure Noblu can’t make you sleep longer. However, it can ensure that you sleep better. With less sensitivity to light and sound disturbances, my sleep remained undisturbed through the night.

 Additionally, wearing these glasses an hour before bedtime did a whole lot of good. I felt more relaxed and sleepier towards the end of the day and fell asleep a few minutes after getting into bed. No tossing and turning in bed. Just a deep slumber. In fact, I was so impressed with the glasses, I wore it longer. Three hours before bedtime and slept like a baby.

 I also used them during the day while working on my laptop and drastically reduced my eye strain, fatigue and neck pain. What everyone around me appreciated (especially my mom), that I was in a much better mood after using these glasses.

How to Use:

    1. Order A NoBlu Right Away
    2. Start Wearing NoBlu For 2 Hours Before You Sleep
    3. Fall Asleep In Just 5 Minutes

    Stay Stylish & Comfortable: NoBlu Comes With Flexi-Fit Design

    Incorporating the latest research in eyewear design and after testing the technology on thousands of facial shapes and sizes, NoBlu has launched these Unisex glasses with Flexi-Fit Design. So that you can be assured of not just instant sleep but also a comfortable and stylish fit whether you have an oval, round or square face.

    What Everyone’s Saying About Their NoBlu

     Everyone loves them. I’m not talking about liking the glasses. Everyone LOVES them. Some wear it all day. From celebs to IT guys, Freelancers to tech- savvy dads, everyone has been talking about how amazing NoBlus are.

    "I am a coder and I need to spend long hours at the system. I was constantly getting headaches and my eyes were drying up and I was tired. NoBlu is great.. used to have a pair when I was in US and now that something similar being available in India is great!"

    Neha Malik

    "Was suffering from lack of sleep mainly due to the long hours of travel after work.. I used these glasses while driving and at work and now I can definitely feel the difference... a must buy."

    Vijay Gupta

    "Honestly I was scared to buy this.. but now after using this I even bought it for my grandmother who watches serials on TV all day. It has made her eyes stay fresh and I know it helps because I am sleeping better now."

    Ramya Naresh


    Know Why NoBlu Is Truly Priceless & A 100% Risk-Free Purchase!

    This is the first time such a patented technology which is widely popular in the West is brought to India. The Circadian Sleep Disorders Research amply states that these glasses have shown a 90% positive result for users across countries.

    Late Night Movies With Friends….Rs.1000

    Dinner Date With Partner….Rs.2000

    Undisturbed & Relaxing Sleep…. Priceless!

    Consider NoBlu as an investment. You will recover your cost of purchase in just one day - as you’ll be more productive at work and more efficient all through the day. And to make the deal sweeter - NoBlu comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + 30-Day Money Back Policy that further makes your purchase 100% Risk Free!

    The Positive Change You Will See Is Life Enhancing

    Firstly, more than anything else I could sleep like a baby. I cannot define or express that feeling that but it is worth far more than anything else. It is truly a priceless gift. But a good night's sleep isn't just about sleeping - here's all the change you will actually see:


    - You will be a happier person, a person you would smile at oneself in the mirror

    - You will get less stressed & less tensed, one who is assured of his/her strenghts

    - You will have the energy to make conversations & build positive relationships, giving you a chance to influence & lead

    - You will have the patience to listen to others, and becoming a better friend & a guide

    - You will have better concentration, to achieve your goals

    - You will have lower chances of getting blood pressure, digestion & stress issues, hence a healthier life

    - You eyes will always be relaxed & cool, no more burning, tired eyes that make you look weak

    - You will have better immunity, better health to withstand any medical issue

    - You will be a better person, someone who you always wanted to be

    And all this is possible and real change that you you can achieve with NoBlu. It isn't a magic drug but it gives your body what it needs - better sleep. Sleep is your body's #1 priority as it helps condition it, rejuvenate it and give it the strength to perform the way you want it to. Blue light is an unavoidable reality of modern life, but NoBlu completely protects you from all the damage that it can do. It is proven to 100% block blue light.

    Noblu Sold Out There Last 500 Pairs in 4 Hours!

    They sell out really fast not just because it’s great value for money but also recommended by doctors worldwide. The last 500 pairs sold out in 4 hours and I’m predicting the same for the next lot. Hurry up and get yours, maybe buy an extra pair for your office, another one for your loved ones, just get them. I guarantee you will love these.

    Talking about guarantees….

    Sleep 2X Times Better Or 30 Days Money Back, The NoBlu Guarantee

    Enough said. I believe this is the best product I ever laid my hands on and it can work wonders for you. Once you put them on, they change the way you sleep. In fact, that is the NoBlu guarantee. If you don’t see a drastic change in your sleep or feel a major relief from eyestrain after using Noblu- you get your money back.

    Within 30 days of using Noblu if you disagree with our promise or are dissatisfied with them, just get in touch with us and claim your money back. We will wire the amount back to you No Questions Asked. This makes it a 100% risk free purchase.

     Here’s how you can get your pair of Noblu with no financial risk involved:

        • Go ahead and order a pair of Noblu
        • Use it for 30 Days to establish a better sleeping pattern and see a significant change
        • If you’re unhappy with the results mail or call us ( , +91 9989299388)

    If you’re skeptical about this, call us right now at +919989299388 (I mean right now, while you’re reading this) to clarify this and be sure of the guarantee before you make your purchase.

      You can use your NoBlus is more way than just to help you sleep better. They can work just as well as:-

      • Driving Glasses - Cut out the terrible glare from high beam headlights in the night and strain of UV rays and sunlight in the mornings with NoBlu.
      • Computer Glasses - NoBlus are designed for superior comfort. Wear them to work, wear them all day long and protect your eyes, even while at work.
      • Wear Them On A Day Out - You will surely look fashionable while protecting your eyes when you wear them on a day out, for a date of even a movie in the IMAX. They don't just protect your eyes, they'll make you look cool too!
      • Gaming Glasses - Your NoBlus can even double-up as the most stylish gaming glasses ever. While your gaming friends struggle with their bulky, ugly and plasticky gaming glasses that have almost become a norm - you have NoBlu. Something that does the job even better, letting you game longer with fr superior eye protection and comfort.
      noblucertificateTested & Certified As 100% UV & Blue Light Blocking
      • Blue light isn't something you should ignore - you only have a pair of eyes that have not been designed to naturally take in so much of digital blue & UV light rays. NoBlu isn't something that's good for your eyes, it is the best blue blockers in India today with 100% blue blocking capabilities.
      • It fits your face, suits your face and will be comfy even when wearing it all day. Flexi-fit technology with a unisex design makes sure that you will always look cool and comfortable with your NoBlus.
      • Paisa Vasool. If there's one typical Indian way in which NoBlu can be defined - it's that. A total value for money purchase whose returns far outweigh the cost of the product. And talking of cost - it is cheaper than a weekend at the multiplex with friends, lesser than your high-speed broadband bill and less than your monthly fuel bills. Yet, the benefit is so much that it's almost priceless.
      • Your eyes aren't just for you to see. They have a direct link to your brain, to your sense and your mood. How about being that patient, kind, the poised and stress-free person you always wanted to be, every day - by just using this 100 % UV & blue blocking glasses?
      • Helps in reducing your chance of getting cancer, helps with digestion, helps with weight, fatigue and stress management.
      • Helps you in looking like a star. Lets you to truly, completely exploit your full potential as a creative, cognitive mind.
      No kidding, try NoBlus and I'm sure you'll get over your blues like a rockstar through the day and sleep like a baby at night. 

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          Buy NoBlu
        • 30 Day Money Back - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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        NoBlu Glasses
        noblucertificateTested & Certified As 100% UV & Blue Light Blocking


        What do NoBlu Glasses do?

        NoBlu Glasses improve the quality of your sleep by blocking out harmful blue light from electronic devices that disrupts your sleep cycle by shutting down your body’s natural melatonin production. They also prevent eye strain, fatigue, headaches and sore eyes caused by exposure to excessive screen time.

        How do NoBlu Glasses work?

        Equipped with anti-reflective CR39 lenses and acetate frame, NoBlu Glasses block blue light on the visible wavelength spectrum known to disrupt sleep. These lenses allow all the other wavelengths of light to be transmitted, making you worry-free to use electronic devices and watch television without adversely affecting your natural sleep cycle.

        When should I wear NoBlu Glasses?

        We strongly recommend you to wear NoBlu Glasses every time you use any digital or electronic devices like computers, tablets, phones or television for extended periods. This will prevent digital eye strain and sore eyes. We also recommend you to wear these glasses at least 1-2 hours before bed to avoid blue light from disrupting your sleep.

        Can I wear NoBlu Glasses during the day?

        NoBlu Glasses can be worn any time of the day. They are highly effective in stopping digital eye strain and associated headaches, fatigue and sore eyes when using digital devices and working in brightly lit office spaces for any significant period. These glasses are UV rated that protects your eyes from adverse glare.

        Will I notice an immediate change?

        Yes, you will immediately notice a visible reduction in digital eye strain and sore eyes while wearing NoBlu Glasses with digital devices. We promise that you will notice the difference the very first day of wearing NoBlu.

        Why are NoBlus better than other visual ergonomic options like screen savers or software solutions?

        If you’re under 40, eye strain or blurred vision during computer work may be due to an inability of your eyes to remain accurately focused on your screen or because your eyes have trouble changing focus from your keyboard to your screen and back again for prolonged periods. Computer glasses differ from regular eyeglasses or reading glasses in several ways: 1) Most young people wear eyeglasses to correct their distance vision, and 2) Reading glasses are prescribed to correct near vision only. Only computer glasses are optimized for digital screens that are positioned 20 to 26 inches from the user’s eyes.

        What is special about NoBlu lens technology?

        NoBlus patented lens technology is the result of continued research on visual interaction with digital screens and high-energy visible [HEV], artificial blue light. Based on optometric principles and advancements, our technology is the highest quality eyewear solution available with and without a prescription to thoroughly support the your vision. The intense visual work our eyes are tasked with when viewing artificial light is involuntary, yet taxing our entire system. Most people are unaware of how hard their eyes work to maintain focus in the near distance, at artificial light, with reduced blink rate, for long periods of time. NoBlu lens technology solves each individual visual ergonomic issue and protects your vision while eliminating symptoms of digital eye strain.

        Do NoBlu Computer Glasses have added power?

        NoBlus unique patented lens design and optics optimize focus and allow for sharper, clearer images. This helps you you focus more naturally reducing stress and strain on your eyes and preventing potential long-term effects.

        What is the advantage of our yellow lenses?

        NoBlus custom lens tint is designed to tune the harsh light spectrum. Offering the optimal balance of contrast and visual performance by diminishing the harshest spikes.

        Can I get NoBlu Glasses in my prescription?

        At the moment, we don’t offer NoBlu Glasses in prescription lenses. But eventually we are planning to offer a solution soon.

        Will the Noblu Glasses fit me right?

        The Noblue glasses are a universal size- one size fits all. They are also sleek, stylish and versatile to every face shape.

        Is it safe to use?

        This is a FDA approved eyewear brand that has been clinically tested with absolutely no side effects.

        Are there any side effects?

        This product has NO side effects.

        How long will it take for the product to be delivered?

        You will receive the product within 3-5 Business days from the date of purchase.

        How long do you take to dispatch an order?

        We dispatch your order within 24 hours of purchase.

        Is a Cash On Delivery (COD) option available?

        Yes. If you’re not comfortable making an online payment, you can pay with the Cash on Delivery option where you pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment online.

        What is the 30 Days Money back The NoBlu Guarantee?

        We stand behind the products we sell, and your satisfaction is our top priority. At the end of 30 days, if you're not pleased with the quality of your purchase or you disagree with our promise, call us at +91-9989299388 and let us know; we will give you your money back- No questions asked. To clarify/claim please call us at +91-9989299388 our Customer support and Returns Center for more information.

        Do you ship to all locations in India?

        Yes, we ship to all locations within India.

        What are the shipping charges on this product?

        There are NO shipping charges. We offer FREE SHIPPING to any location within India.